Winter Maintenance For Windows and Doors

As the temperatures drop and the cooler weather sets in, the significance of having high-quality windows and doors becomes increasingly evident. While warmer months invite fresh air into our homes with open windows and doors, the colder seasons prompt us to prioritise keeping the elements outside.

Without the protection of well-maintained windows and doors, not only might you be overspending on energy bills, but you could also struggle to maintain a comfortable and balanced temperature during harsh weather conditions.

To ensure your home remains comfortable and energy-efficient this winter, consider these straightforward yet effective window and door maintenance tips:

Conduct a Thorough Glazing Visual Inspection

Initiate a detailed examination of your windows and doors to evaluate their overall condition. Scrutinize the glass, frames, handles, and locking mechanisms.

Open each window to inspect the hinges and seals for signs of wear. If any issues are detected, make a note and plan for necessary repairs.

If the required maintenance is beyond your expertise, seek assistance from a professional glazing expert like AC Glazing.

Detect Window Drafts and Gaps

As the weather cools down, it becomes easier to identify gaps in your window or door frames allowing drafts into your home.

An efficient way to pinpoint potential problem areas is by lighting an incense stick and observing the smoke. If the smoke is blown back into the room or sucked out, it signifies a gap that requires fixing.

Address Glass Cracks and Chips Promptly

Even a small chip or crack in a windowpane can escalate into a more significant problem, especially during winter when windows endure freezing temperatures outside and warmer temperatures indoors.

Take immediate action to address any glazing damage, as delaying repairs may result in a broken or shattered window requiring extensive attention.

Implement Internal Draft-Proofing

Numerous products and kits are available to make draft-proofing your windows and doors a simple and affordable task.

These draft-proofing solutions can be applied in minutes, potentially enhancing your home’s overall energy efficiency.

The effectiveness of these products varies based on the material and style of your windows and doors, so be sure to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or seek professional advice.

External Weatherproofing for Wooden Windows and Doors

For homes with wooden windows and doors, it’s crucial to ensure external weatherproofing.

This involves applying a weather-resistant micro-porous coating that repels moisture and offers additional protection against the elements.

While weatherproofing is cost-effective and provides protection for several years, regular maintenance is necessary to uphold its protective properties.

Taking preventative measures can significantly impact the comfort of your interiors and result in energy bill savings.

The efficiency of your windows and doors directly influences the efficiency of your entire home and by addressing these maintenance tips, you can enjoy a more comfortable and energy-conscious living space throughout the winter months.

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