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Flush Casement Windows - We Supply & Fit a Wide Range of Colours & Choices of these Ultra-Stylish Windows

Flush casement windows are the latest and most stylish type of window that are fast becoming the choice of many sophisticated homeowners right now. They are easily identifiable by sashes that close into the frame that finish flush with the face of the window. This gives a modern integrated appearance and beautiful overall look. 

Back in the 19th century flush casement windows were very popular, but when timber alternatives came along, such as aluminium and uPVC, then this style of window slowly went out of fashion.  However, with the advancement of technology, manufacturers have now managed to recapture the look of traditional timber flush casement windows with all of the modern functionality that uPVC provides.

Being ultra-low maintenance our flush casement window range manages to give the pleasing aesthetic lines of timber windows while eliminating the associated problems that wooden frames can encounter. Incredible thermal efficiency, no warping, no rotting and no discoloration are some of the huge benefits... as well as their stunning looks of course. As an added benefit they give excellent high security and a gorgeous appearance!

Only top grade materials are used in the manufacture of our range of flush casement windows and they are recyclable and environmentally friendly. We can fit from a huge range of colours and wood grain options allowing you to choose a style that looks anywhere from ultra modern to very traditional.

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