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Latest articles and news from the double glazing industry.

Double Glazed Roof Lantern

Illuminate Your Home: The Benefits of Skylights

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your home, skylights are a shining solution that can transform any living space. These innovative windows installed on the roof offer numerous benefits that [..]

Embrace Openness and Elegance: The Benefits of Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-fold Doors – Open Your Home To The World! Bi-folding doors have become increasingly popular in modern homes in the UK, revolutionising the way we connect indoor and outdoor spaces. These versatile doors offer [..]
Bi-Fold Conservatory Doors in Birmingham

How long do double glazed windows last?

The benefits of having double glazing windows fitted in your home are endless, from improving the energy efficiency in the winter months to keeping your home cool in the summer. Not only can double-glazed [..]

Benefits of Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns, also referred to as skylights or rooflights, are essentially ceiling windows designed to connect interior spaces with natural sunlight. These bespoke aluminium and UPVC double glazed structures come in various shapes and [..]

4 Reasons to Choose Bifold Doors for Your Home

Bi-folding doors are gaining in popularity due to their practicality and ability to connect outdoor and indoor spaces. They are especially suited for homes with gardens or patios and commercial establishments like cafes and [..]

The Benefits of Sash Windows

When it comes to aesthetics, sash windows are hard to beat. Their traditional design can add a touch of elegance to any property, increasing its value and appeal. Despite their traditional style, sash windows [..]

Security Comparison: Double-Glazing vs Single-Glazing

When it comes to home security, single-glazing is a weak point. It offers minimal resistance to intruders, who can easily break through it with a single forceful blow, granting them easy access to your [..]

Benefits of Tilt and Turn Windows

Do you ever feel like your home or office becomes stuffy during warm weather? To remedy this issue, we suggest installing tilt and turn windows, which offer superior ventilation to standard windows. So what [..]